Сомалийская [абиссинская] газель. Gazella soemmeringi Cretzschmar = Сомалийская [абиссинская] газель. Антилопа, газель

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Сомалийская абиссинская газель

Фото Фото

Сомалийская [абиссинская] газель = Gazella soemmeringi Cretzschmar

Soemmering's gazelle (Gazella soemmeringi soemmeringi) Other endemic subspecies

G. s. berberana (black face, longer horns)

G. s. butteri (dark flank, thigh stripes)

Description Total length: 125 - 150 cm Tail length: 18 - 23 cm Shoulder height: 81 - 90 cm Weight: 38 - 46 kg

A large, generally pale gazelle with extensive white on the rump, strongly marked facial blazes, a large head and heavy, short, backwardly swept horns that form a lyrate shape with in-pointed hooked tips. It is long in the leg, with big hooves and a relatively short neck. The tail, like that of other Nanger gazelles, is short and tapered, with a mainly white fringe of short hairs.


Jonathan Kingdon: The Kingdon Field Guide To African Mammals, Academic Press, San Diego, 1997


G. s. berberana: Somalia, E Ethiopia (Ogaden), Djibouti; (black face, longer horns, largest race)

G. s. butteri: S Ethiopia; (dark flank, thigh stripes, smallest race)

G. s. soemmeringi: N Ethiopia; (brown face, shorter horns), (Sudan: former distribution)


The Soemmering's gazelle inhabits dry bush and acacia scrub in the hilly country, also found on the plain, apparently undergoing seasonal migration. It lives in groups of 5 - 20 individuals in the bush or steppe.

Conservation Status

Exterminated over the greater part of their range these gazelles now exist in numerous small pockets. Although hunting may have played a significant part in this decline, overgrazing and habitat degradation by domestic stock is probably the main cause. Listed as threatened (IUCN).

IUCN status (1996): vulnerable (VU C1)

Trend: decreasing. But there is no current data available for many regions

European Collection Plan (2003): ...

RCP status: ...